Swiss Sociability

Raclette is the Swiss way of enjoying a feast. We all sit down together at the table and place the delicious cheese in a small grill typical of our country. If you want to enjoy a real raclette, you can't simply use any cheese that takes your fancy. In Switzerland, there's a special type of cheese especially for raclette that only starts to reveal its delicious flavours as it melts.

Raclette is a dish traditionally enjoyed with potatoes but with the special cheese varieties of Emmi Raclette, you can let your creativity flow and combine a huge variety of accompanying foods to achieve surprising results. Our insiders' tip for you: the fact that Emmi Raclette cheese perfectly melts also makes it ideal for use in a juicy burger or a grilled cheese sandwich.

That's the way Raclette works

Assemble the Raclette cheese

Prepare the accompaniments

Arrange the grill

Enjoy with friends

Which raclette suits you best?